Executive search

With a 20 years expertise in the Executive Search in France and worldwide, we offer to our clients the best recruitment solutions and services to provide the best candidates.

Our approach: creating a shared commitment with our clients in order to build a reliable and long term partnership. Understanding our clients needs and expectations, but also their corporate culture and environment and their differences are a real asset in the success of a fully reliable recruitment.

The profiles we recruit:

  • Presidents, CEO…
  • Creative Team: creative director, artistic director, fashion designers
  • Marketing Team : marketing manager, product manager
  • Visual merchandising team: merchandising manager, visual merchandiser
  • Press Relation and Communication
In the following sectors:
  • RTW for men, women and children wear
  • Leather goods
  • Haute-Couture

Coaching & Training

Our job as a coach is to guide, and help each individual and client to develop its full potential.

Because there is no great achievement without main changes, we support both our client and candidate by providing the most suitable tools, listening and professionalism to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Our Services:

  • Individual coaching:
    managers, creative team. Our goal: emphasize, develop your autonomy, gain confidence, optimize performance, achieve your goals, give meaning to who you are and what you are doing
  • Integration of new employee:
    we offer a 4 up to 8 months support and coaching during trial-period to optimize integration of a new employee, helping to detect possible needs in training, acting as a link between the company and the new employee, raising the unspoken, and creating success
  • Team Coaching:
    team building, how to settle a language between creative teams and marketing and sales teams, strengthen ties and build optimal communication, boost efficiency

Seminars and training session:

Within our company, we believe that the development of the positive thinking in a day to day basis help each individual and team to renew their inspiration, motivation and efficiency within their company, and their job.

This is the reason why we provide customized training and seminars taking in consideration the actual needs of each client, his situation, his goals and context. Organizing a seminar or training session is the best way to create cohesion within a team.


  • Emphasize communication between the creative and 'commercial' teams
  • Positive Leadership within creative teams
  • Renew creative inspiration
  • The challenge of digital in the creative and management teams