Our clients share their vision of success…

« We have asked Audrey to help us on a very difficult top-level recruitment and she was very effective. She has an excellent network in fashion and perfectly knows how to match candidates with the search and the profile. All the candidates presented were excellent. She also does a very complete follow-up both with the company and with the candidate during the final phase and after the recruitment ».
Mrs. P - Human Resources Manager of a Menswear Luxury brand – Paris

« We have asked Audrey to work on a search for Senior Designers. Audrey is a person who is listening, and always available for her client. She is fully involved in the research, and informs us very regularly of the progress of the search or tells us if there is any particular difficulties, so that we can talk together in a very loyal and constructive way. She’s always suggesting solutions and don’t hesitate to suggest different alternatives of organization when it’s relevant. »
Mrs C - Head of Recruitment and Training – Men & Women Premium Ready-to-Wear Brand

« Audrey Demolis conducted a search and recruitment of our of Business Development Manager and Partners for our international project within the Luxury. Her mission was perfectly lead out as she identified and then recruited the right profile for our luxury watches company. Audrey has many key strengths: an incredible intuition, a tenacity that is always well balanced, she’s open-minded and creative, which ables her to identify new prospects or solutions to a given situation. She has an knowledge of the luxury and fashion sector and she as a very great professionalism. I recommend her unreservedly. »
Mr. M. Founder and President of a Luxury Watches brand

« Of course I really appreciated that Audrey identifies, seeks, finds and offers us the know-how that we needed for our searches of designers. But what really impressed me was her skills to it is above all its capacity to identify, to seek, to find and to propose people whose personality were perfectly adapted to our company. Audrey Demolis & Partners is not yet another recruitment firm. It is a true partner with multiple skills whose strength is to reveal the first value of any company: the human beings who compose it ».
Mr. G, CEO of a Luxury Digital Brand

Our candidates and coachees share their experience…

« I am really grateful to Audrey for her support in the recruitment process within the luxury brand for which I now work. Audrey immediately pinpointed my personality and always found the words to give me confidence, and this at every step of the process. She was both a recruiter and a coach, proving that I had all the qualities and skills required for the position. Thanks to Audrey, the interviews were fluid and stress free. She has always been available to answer my questions and reassure me in case of doubt. If I had only 2 words to describe Audrey, it would be Professionalism and Kindness! I have joined this new brand and Audrey continues to catch up with me and we regularly exchange about my integration within the house. The success of my recruitment is largely due to Audrey's human qualities »
Mrs. Le G, Director of Collection & Merchandising of a Menswear Luxury Brand.

« Audrey identified very quickly the key points which needed to be worked on to release old habit and reflexes that can be negative in interviews or on daily management bases. She was able to identify the type of coaching I needed. Coaching “à la carte”. Flexibility, adaptability, finesse, accuracy of diagnosis: Audrey quickly grasps the problems and personality and helped me to transforme them thanks to specific exercices.

She brought coaching, support and a vision of situations from a new perspective, a new approach while strengthening a strong anchorage in my position. A kiind, positive, documented and fair approach, relevant words and very judicious and adapted observations and advice, to give birth to a new way, of apprehending things, a new way of seeing mysefl, and above all to legitimize a confidence in dealing with specific and complexe situations. She helped me to be more confident about myself, my actions and in my decisions and to assume them : without needed to justify or apologize. Two key tips that help me positionning myself and finding my place. I finally had the impression to find my own truth!

It is by telling to my friends about my attitude in certain situations that I really became aware, through their look and their astonishment - they know me well - the change operated thanks to the help of Audrey.

The magic is being able to speak freely about a situation and having a kind mirror, advising, energizing person who helped me realisaing that I have always the choice, and also all the skills and strenghts inside me
Mr D - Director of Collections - brand of high-end men's ready-to-wear.